Free Tales of The Age of Invention

Beyond the novels, there are a number of stories set in the Age of Invention world involving many of the characters from Fire Aloft and its sequels.

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  • Jimmy Leary Returns to the Sky: Part 1
    The War of Southern Independence is finally over. While traveling through Texas, in the Confederate States of America, Jimmy Leary, rambling aimlessly after leaving the United States Aero-Corps, meets Clovis Washington, a former member of a black infantry unit of the Union Army with trouble on his tail.
  • Jimmy Leary Returns to the Sky: Part 2
    Jimmy & Clovis’ stay in Santa Angela proves rewarding, and Jimmy begins using the pseudonym “Gallagher” for the first time. But with the arrival of an airship – and coincidentally, the real Gallagher – things start to heat up.
  • Jimmy Leary Returns to the Sky: Part 3
    The real Gallagher and his team of bounty hunters is coming for Jimmy and his new friends, and it's no longer just business - he's got a personal score to settle with Jimmy.
  • Looking North
    How Clovis Washington escaped slavery to join the Union Army.


Check back frequently as more are added!